Loving Yourself to Abundance, Freedom, and Vibrant Love: The Powerful 8-Module Inner Bonding Process for Healing Your Aloneness

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“Inner Bonding is the cornerstone of living a conscious, healthy, vibrant, thriving life.”

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2023 Inner Bonding Course - 3 Payments
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2023 Inner Bonding Course - 3 Payments
$107.00 / month for 3 months
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“Personal Healing Package” – Audio Interview Package with Dr. Margaret Paul

In this series of audio recordings, Dr. Margaret Paul answers questions submitted by Inner Bonding community members, ranging from how to handle intense feelings and identify the root cause of these emotions to how to deal with the fear of rejection and why, in some instances, you shouldn’t take it personally when you’re rejected. Of note is “Healing Self-Judgment,” which is an audio recording of Margaret’s webinar on why we judge ourselves and how to heal from self-judgment using a simple step.

How to Access Spiritual Guidance for Your Joyful Highest Good Every Moment of Your Life eBook

This is a small book is written by Dr. Margaret Paul to help you with a major aspect of the Inner Bonding® process: staying connected with your personal spiritual guidance. The six steps of the process are simple, yet not always easy to do. Many people have trouble with Step Four – accessing their spiritual guidance, and this book was designed to provide more clarity on this step so that you can effectively practice Inner Bonding.

Inner Bonding Workshop Workbook

In this special workbook that is used in Dr. Margaret’s Inner Bonding workshops, you’ll receive charts, exercises, and other helpful sheets, to support you in your learning and healing process throughout the course journey.

What People Are Saying About This COURSE

“My experience at the Inner Bonding workshop was mind blowing. A lot of truths about the truth and my journey came to the surface and to light and I experienced tremendous healing and breakthrough. Having these tools now will be very helpful and healing for me going forward. I love this process and I will continue to practice Inner Bonding. Everyone should learn Inner Bonding. It will transform you and your life in such a positive way.”

Marnie, Teacher​

Redwood City, CA​

“Dr. Margaret creates an atmosphere that is supportive and comes from a high frequency and nothing jarred that experience for me. I had insights and felt a lightness and joy while doing the exercises. It really was a delightful experience. I felt as if I was falling in love with IB and with myself. As can happen in a shipboard romance, I could slide back into the old ways, but this was a powerful boost to my inner growth and understanding of IB.”

Kate M.​


“Amazing course. Helped me to open some deep issues and realize the root of it. Would like to continue practicing Inner Bonding and want to attend an Intensive Course. Dr. Paul connected with each one of us and shared many personal experiences that were helpful. Thank you for all the knowledge. Loved that you have shared many personal experiences from your life.”

Elina Diemer, Broker

New York​

“The Inner Bonding workshop helped me to know where and how to start the process. I was stuck on how to begin and afraid of doing it wrong and giving up. I’m so glad I attended and took the leap. I feel this is exactly the help I’ve been looking for to live a happier, healthier, loving life. Dr. Paul, you are spectacular and wise. Thank you!”

Vivian G,


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