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“Inner Bonding is the cornerstone of living a conscious, healthy, vibrant, thriving life.”

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Plus, You’ll Receive These Bonuses When You Join Us Today...

30-Day Inner Bonding Village Membership

Inner Bonding Village is a compassionate community of people who really care about each other. IB Village provides forums where people can get help and support from one another.

Public-Private Coaching Session

You’ll gain access to a public-private session where you can join a one-on-one session between me and a member of the community — without participating in it. Depending on your membership level, you can get your name in the pool where Dr. Margaret Paul will choose a name with whom she’ll hold a private session.

Inner Bonding Daily Inspirations Ebook

A book of 365 Inner Bonding inspirations by Dr. Margaret Paul. This book includes mandalas drawn by Dr. Margaret Paul.

Beloved Companionship: An Alternative to Loneliness Ebook

This is a book about a very important subject - how to create a lifestyle where we are not lonely, especially as we grow older. This book is not about managing lonely feelings - it is about preventing loneliness. It’s about a wonderful opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth - beloved companionship.

“Relationship Challenges” - Audio Teaching Session with Dr. Margaret Paul

In this 60-minute special bonus session, Dr. Margaret Paul discusses some of the challenges that people in relationships struggle with and how to manage them.

What People Are Saying About Inner bonding

“My experience at the Inner Bonding workshop was mind blowing. A lot of truths about the truth and my journey came to the surface and to light and I experienced tremendous healing and breakthrough. Having these tools now will be very helpful and healing for me going forward. I love this process and I will continue to practice Inner Bonding. Everyone should learn Inner Bonding. It will transform you and your life in such a positive way.”

Marnie, Teacher​

Redwood City, CA​

“Dr. Margaret creates an atmosphere that is supportive and comes from a high frequency and nothing jarred that experience for me. I had insights and felt a lightness and joy while doing the exercises. It really was a delightful experience. I felt as if I was falling in love with IB and with myself. As can happen in a shipboard romance, I could slide back into the old ways, but this was a powerful boost to my inner growth and understanding of IB.”

Kate M.​


“Would you think me crazy if I said there was a single process that could solve all the issues with which we as human beings struggle? Over the years, I begin noticing a common denominator in all these problems and came to the conclusion that there is only one issue: human-kind’s lack of experience in feeling our Divine Self and our innate connection with the Divine. All other issues stem from this… [With Inner Bonding,] we are taught a most loving process [that] will take you on a life-changing journey down a path full of awakenings, tears, compassion, reunion, joy and peace. This path, in reference to our divinity, is one seldom even thought about, much less explored.”

Lindsay Wagner

New York​

“[Here] is a method for recreating yourself as a powerful, spiritually connected, loving adult self – capable of taking personal responsibility for your own feelings and behaviors… a powerful method for healing relationship and family conflict, as well as for healing self-destructive and addictive behavior. I am very excited about this material. [It takes the truths found in] the newest wisdom literature, and renders them functional in everyday life. Anything that takes a huge wisdom and turns it into a practical tool is a treasure indeed. It is one thing to behold the wisdom and quite another to be able to use it.”

Neale Donald Walsch


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