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What if we have past reasons to question our strength?

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25 years ago I was bedridden for a year due to fevers, fatigue and pain. I think iy was mold in the house because it had been in a flood. And as a young adult I was overwhelmed by anxiety and depression due to the pill. And I had a mother who hit me daily telling .e what an embarassment I was, at 2 and 3 years old and cpuld do nothing right. All of thus lea es me feeling like I am weak and do not trust myself being alone without family. My belief I am weak is beacause my health was undermined. So to have full responsibility for myself brings up fears I can not do it. Also I have worked my whole life but can never make anough money because I do not have the stamina to work many hours. So when I think of being fully responsible financially, I worry I can not.
Any thought about yhese core beliefs that seem based on reality?


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