What if your Inner Child doesn’t show up at all because it gets rejected/treated poorly by you?

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What if you treat your Inner Child with scorn and hatred – just the way you were treated by your caregiver (father) when you grew up? As a result the Inner Child seems to be „gone“. It’s not available for any interaction. How do you get your Inner Child back after it went into hiding? How do you even get in touch with your Inner Child when it’s gone, when it doesn’t trust you because you are rejecting it? How do you turn that introjection of scorn and hatred into love and acceptance? By the way, I keep my grandkids (6,4, baby) several days a week. I treat them with love and respect. This seems like a great opportunity to practice how to treat my Inner Child differently. To look at my Inner Child with love instead of scorn. But it’s just not working…


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