Thank you for starting your IBFTP Application process!

Step 1: Application Fee

Thank you for submitting your application fee!

Step 2: Loving Adult Self Assessment

Before you fill out the application itself, please take the Loving Adult Self Assessment (LASA). Set aside an hour or more to complete it. This assessment will help you to have a better understanding of the Loving Adult qualities that the IBFTP program values and will help you to develop, as well as the qualities that we expect IBFTP candidates to care about and want to cultivate in themselves.  It will help you to assess your own readiness to enter the IBFTP program. This self assessment will not be submitted with your application, but your completion of it is a prerequisite to apply.

Note: We do not expect you to already be an exemplary Loving Adult. The IBFTP is for people who are dedicated to learning how to be loving to their Inner Child and teach others how to be loving to their Inner Child. You will not turn your LASA in to the admission team. But there is a question on the application that pertains to your experience as you filled out the LASA.

Step 3: Application

Click here to go to the IBFTP Application. When you submit the application, it will automatically be sent to our Director of Training, Stel Fine at


Stel Fine

Director of Training

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