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Tens of Thousands Are Already Living a Life of Happiness, Freedom, and Vibrant Love through Dr. Margaret Paul’s Inner Bonding Work:

“I Don’t Criticize Myself Anymore.”


“Prior to Inner Bonding, I was a lifelong caretaker of others. I felt I had to take care of everyone so that they would like me. My connection to Spirit was at best, tenuous, and I felt constantly overburdened. I lacked self-confidence, did not speak up for myself, and was very self-critical. Being very sensitive to the feelings of others, I would take them on, almost subconsciously. I did not know how to take responsibility for my own feelings. 


 –Anna Forsyth, Edinburgh, UK, Property Developer

“I feel like I can and will change my life and be the loving, strong woman I’ve always wanted to be.”


I wish I went to this years ago when my husband first suggested it.  I have a significant trauma history and have been numbing myself for years.  For the first time, I feel like I can and will change my life and finally be the loving strong woman I have always wanted to be. I can also better identify my wounded self and tell her to get lost (lovingly).  Dr. Paul is incredible!  Thank you for sharing your love, insight and spirit!! 


–Desiree G, Providence, Teacher

“We feel free, empowered, and deeply loving”


“Inner bonding has helped us to love and care for ourselves, so that we share our lives and love from a full and connected place without codependent expectations. We focus on our own highest good and support this in each other. This has allowed us to feel truly free, empowered, deeply loving and supported in our journey together.”


–Sylvia Poareo and Sean Davidson

“I Couldn’t Handle My Own Life.”


“Before Inner Bonding, most days getting out of bed was like pulling myself through the mud. There was not one area of my life I felt I could handle. I was a bad parent, and I had no ability to run a business. I couldn’t handle my own life. I was always in fear that the dark cloud of depression might put me out of commission, sometimes for days. 


— Suzi Korsak, Merrimack, NH, Commercial Real Estate, and owner of an award-winning Crowne Plaza Hotel

“We’ve retained the passion we had when we first met!”


“By learning to take personal responsibility for our own ‘stuff,’ we are able to enjoy the true essence of one another. Our love continues to retain the passion, intimacy, and playfulness that we shared when we first met.”


–Jeff and Elaine, Santa Monica, CA

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